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R U in the Loop? Learning About Rack Units

Wondering what that RU means on the side of the server box? Trying to figure out if you have enough space for the IT department? This primer on rack units will help you understand what a rack unit is and what you need to know about dimensions, capabilities and how to use rack units to… Read more »

The Advantages of Hosting/Colocating in a Data Center

  It’s a well-known fact that succeeding in today’s business environment is becoming increasingly competitive and difficult. Businesses small and large can succeed with the right tools, but finding the right tools can be difficult in such a flooded market. With the recent media coverage of disasters both natural and man-made, companies worldwide have been… Read more »

Uncrossing the Wires: Cable Management

  Cable management is often an arduous task. While it can take a concerted effort to keep cables organized during installation or upgrades, the time spent on avoiding “cable spaghetti” can have long term benefits on both the user-friendliness of your cabinets, as well as your sanity. When beginning your buildout, try to keep in… Read more »