The Advantages of Hosting/Colocating in a Data Center


It’s a well-known fact that succeeding in today’s business environment is becoming increasingly competitive and difficult.

Businesses small and large can succeed with the right tools, but finding the right tools can be difficult in such a flooded market. With the recent media coverage of disasters both natural and man-made, companies worldwide have been increasing their investments in an entirely new place: highly secured storage systems and data centers. Companies are finally starting to realize how much of their business assets are digital data, data that can be lost in an instant costing thousands if not millions of dollars. Websites are just as crucial as internal data, if not more so.

Every year more and more companies choose Cyberwurx to safeguard their digital property in a secured datacenter.

What exactly is a datacenter? A datacenter is a facility that allows for storage and management of all the servers and other computing equipment important to your company in a precision-controlled environment. Many larger companies have entire warehouses dedicated to this purpose. Large buildings that are climate controlled with backup generators and redundant Internet backbones. Unfortunately for small and developing companies the initial high investment required to acquire an entire facility and equipment is simply non-existent. In addition to these high initial material costs, datacenters require a large staff of experienced technicians and engineers, another unavailable resource.

Fortunately these small businesses can avoid the costs of their own datacenter through colocation. A colocation hosting center, often referred to as colo-hosting or just colo, is a company that builds datacenters specifically for the purpose of hosting multiple small-business’s servers and data. Co-location datacenters are specially-designed to offer all the benefits of your own facility, while saving costs by sharing the space with other companies. Instead of your data been stored all together in your building, leaving you extremely vulnerable to disaster, your equipment can be physically secured and locked away, inside a 24 hour access controlled building.

There are many different advantages to hosting or colocating your website in a data center. The first is that it provides you with significantly more affordable hosting. These cost savings increase exponentially if your needs are met by shared hosting. Dedicated server hosting offers drastically reduced management costs. Our customers are always surprised to hear how much cheaper we are than a contractor, or hiring their own System Administrator.

If your business does not specifically deal with IT, outsourcing your storage and maintenance can be very advantageous to you as well. By doing this, your company will save time and money while still utilizing the advantages IT services can offer your business. Often, IT can be a very expensive sector for a business. Outsourcing can save valuable money that can instead be invested into something more integral to your firm.

By colocating your company’s Internet presence in a datacenter, you gain a complex security system and enhanced performance. Datacenters can provide you with very secure systems in which to store your data or even the space that you wish to rent to use your own equipment. You can rest easy at night knowing that all your important content and data is perfectly safe, both from natural disasters and people with questionable morals. Your connectivity is safe as well, as we have backup generators and UPS systems to make sure that your systems are always powered on, with multiple different connections to the Internet.

A datacenter can be a fantastic option for your small business or corporation. Smaller businesses can benefit greatly from having their data stored off-site in a secure location, without the expense of building or maintaining their own datacenter; while larger businesses can benefit from massive cost reduction. It’s a seldom-thought-about option for most business, but it’s a well-known fact that hosting in a datacenter can be beneficial for almost every kind of business.