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Is A Colocation Data Center The Right Venue For Your Private Cloud?

Businesses that have outgrown their server room or small on-premises data center have several infrastructure hosting options to choose from. They can build a bigger data center, they can launch servers on a public cloud platform, or they can colocate their servers in a third-party data center. None of these options is best in all… Read more »

Colocation Users Should Be Alert To The Threat Of Cryptojacking

If you were to design the perfect money-spinning tool for cybercriminals, it would probably look something like a cryptocurrency. There is no need to sell data or credit card numbers, create spurious advertising campaigns, or deal with less-than-honest middlemen to make a buck. All the enterprising criminal has to do is compromise a server, install… Read more »

Colocation Offers Better Performance And Security For SaaS Applications

The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model has transformed the way we think about delivering applications and services. Consumer and enterprise applications routinely use the web platform to create flexible interfaces powered by API-delivered backend data services, often improving the quality, security, and user experience of applications.

Why Does Data Center Location Matter When Choosing A Colocation Provider?

When choosing a colocation data center provider, there are many factors to consider, including connectivity, reputation, services, support, and cost. But one of the most important is location — where the data center is in the world. Location is central not just because location itself matters, but because location has an impact on many of… Read more »

Why Colocation Is The Right Choice For Your Business

In the modern corporate environment, almost no one wants to build and manage a data center. With very few exceptions, building a data center is not economical and the results rarely meet the standards of the best data centers in the world, which is why so many companies turn to colocation data centers to house… Read more »

Who Uses Colocation Data Center Services?

The number of server hosting options available to businesses seems to multiply by the day, but behind the marketing fluff there are really only a few options worth considering: on-premises, cloud, colocation, and dedicated server plans. Each has its place, but I’d like to take a closer look at the types of organization that choose… Read more »