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DDoS Protection Is Vital For Online Businesses

The worst thing that can happen to an online business is losing it ability to connect with its customers. There’s a calculable dollar cost for every second customers can’t load the business’ site, contact it by email or instant chat, or use a service they’ve paid for. Sales are lost and disgruntled users turn to… Read more »

How Much Encryption Do I Need?

Encryption is a very important factor in our digital lives. It is something we encounter every day, whether we realize it or not. For companies that store our private information, it is extremely important that no one else has access to the data. However, for individuals, convenience may outweigh the added security in some instances. … Read more »

5 Non-Technical Skills Tomorrow’s Information Security Experts Need

Information security is a technical discipline that’s highly in-demand among organizations nationwide. As highlights, there is a severe cyber-security talent gap in the United States due to a lack of training among information-technology, or “IT,” professionals and the emerging nature of the field. With a 38-percent increase in information-security incidents over the past year,… Read more »

URL Shorteners: Mobiles, Social Media, and Brand Memory

Google is causing quite the buzz on the hosting news networks this week with their recent purchase of the domain This domain is slated for the purpose of URL shortening for Google-specific products and services. With their already-existing URL shortening service (, the company has seen fit to further expand their URL shortening repertoire… Read more »