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Prevention, Not Cure, Is The Optimal Approach To IT Security

Last year was not great for IT security. Pick a month at random and you’ll find reports of serious data leaks and security breaches affecting millions of people. The news is biased towards the catastrophic, but with global cybercrime and espionage on the rise, businesses that rely on their online services need to do better…. Read more »

Do You Know What Data Your Company Stores On Its Servers?

Modern businesses generate, process, store, and analyze huge quantities of data. In fact, many gather more data than they’ll ever use, stashing it in storage services and servers until a rainy day that never comes. Storage is cheap, so why not store as much data as possible? There is nothing wrong with storing data if… Read more »

Three Ways You Can Prepare For The IoT Security Nightmare

The Internet of Things has incredible potential. Unfortunately, it’s also a cybersecurity disaster waiting to happen. Lax vendor practices, a fast-growing threat surface, and a lack of understanding have created the perfect storm for massive DDoS attacks, compromised networks, and more.

Using Live Backups? Here’s Why That Might Be A Bad Thing

The range of threats facing modern businesses grows ever larger. And as the entire corporate world moves down the path towards digital transformation, the profitability of cybercrime grows exponentially. One of the largest areas of growth, unsurprisingly, is ransomware.

Security Compliance Is Less Expensive Than Security Breaches

The cost of complying with privacy and security regulations is high, so high that many companies — whether deliberately or negligently — fail to implement the protections and processes that would keep data safe. Security requires investment in process, staff, and technology, but as a recent study from Ponemon shows, not making that investment is… Read more »

What The Equifax Breach Can Teach Us About Security

If you haven’t heard about the Equifax breach by now, you’ve likely been living under a rock. Earlier in September, credit reporting agency Equifax revealed attackers used an exploit on its website to access the records of around 143 million US citizens. It’s one of the largest security breaches ever, and one that’s put everything… Read more »

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Is Upon Us – Here’s What That Means For You

It’s official – Cybersecurity Awareness Month is now a truly global event. President Trump earlier this month made the announcement that security should be everyone’s responsibility, because it impacts us all equally.  Everyone – business owner or no – needs to be paying attention. Even a cursory look at the huge volume of attacks suffered… Read more »

The Web Must Get Better At Patching Vulnerable Servers

In October 2016, researchers from Talos discovered and disclosed several critical vulnerabilities in Memcached. Patches were made available, but as of earlier this year, approximately 80% of Memcached instances remain vulnerable. Unpatched Memcached instances present a severe security risk to colocation data center clients.