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Where Does Colocation Fit Into Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

Once a business has identified a need for infrastructure, it has a range of options to procure and deploy it. Today, most businesses choose a mix of infrastructure hosting solutions that may include integrated public cloud, on-premises data centers, and colocation deployments — a mix that is usually referred to as a hybrid cloud.

Colocation Or Cloud? The Difference Matters Less Than You Think

Colocation is often associated with the old way of hosting applications. Companies would buy servers, host software directly on their operating system, and manage software with a package manager. Services and applications were intimately tied to individual machines and their OS environments. The introduction of public cloud platforms instigated a new way of managing applications:… Read more »

Edge Computing And Cloud Computing Aren’t In Opposition

It is estimated that by 2020, enterprises and governments will have deployed 5.6 billion IoT devices generating a staggering 507.5 billion zettabytes of data. Today, industries including healthcare, retail, logistics, and more are building networks of sensor and compute equipped smart devices. The more data businesses can collect, the better they are able to understand… Read more »

Cloud Native Application Is A Misnomer – Here’s Why

In some sections of the IT media, cloud native applications are a big deal. What that actually means is somewhat hazy, as you might expect of a term trumpeted by consulting firms. But in a nutshell, cloud native applications are applications built to use containers and open source software, using known good patterns like “containers… Read more »

Cloud Isn’t A Magic Bullet For Zombie Servers

Servers cost money to buy, power, cool, and house. It’s in the interest of businesses to deploy only the servers they need, and to avoid deploying or maintaining servers that are no longer useful. So it’s natural to assume that when servers aren’t being used, they’re repurposed or retired. In an ideal world that might… Read more »

Using Colocated Hardware For Your Private Cloud

A private cloud is a single-tenant cloud platform. On public cloud platforms, the underlying physical layer is shared between multiple users. Public cloud is a useful and popular modality, but there are many reasons an enterprise organization might prefer private infrastructure.

Cloud Vs Colocation: When On-Prem Becomes A Bottleneck

In the life of any successful company, there comes a time to expand IT infrastructure to accommodate increased demand. In 2017, companies that once would have chosen to build on-premises are looking for alternative solutions as they outgrow their existing data centers. For all but the largest of companies — those that need to house… Read more »

When Is Colocation Less Expensive Than The Cloud?

There’s a persistent myth in among executives in startups and even established businesses that cloud platforms invariably work out less expensive than colocated or hosted dedicated servers. For some types of workloads, that’s true. But for the majority of infrastructure hosting scenarios, colocated hardware has a lower total cost of ownership. Let’s take a look… Read more »