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Hybrid Infrastructure Is The Future Of Enterprise IT

The cloud plays a vital infrastructure role for many organizations, offering capabilities that are difficult to achieve with bare metal hardware. But bare metal hardware has its own unique set of capabilities that are hard to match in the cloud. Colocated hardware provides the control, performance, and privacy that many organizations require. Each modality has… Read more »

Performance And Scalability Are Not The Same Thing

Before choosing an infrastructure hosting platform, it’s important to understand both the qualities of the infrastructure and the demands your application will make of it. In today’s infrastructure space, it’s particularly important to balance the specific benefits of cloud platforms and bare metal. The cloud’s strength is scalability. Whatever other benefits a cloud platform might… Read more »

What is IPv6 and How Will it Affect Server Implementation?

  If your business is like most, the ever increasing importance of data has presented a new set of challenges. As information can be processed faster, a swifter response to rises or declines in sales numbers is possible. Operations can be adjusted accordingly in a shorter time, but one thing has not changed – the… Read more »