Who Uses Managed Dedicated Servers?

Who Uses Managed Dedicated Servers?Dedicated servers — often called bare metal servers — offer more power, stability, and control than cloud and multi-tenant hosting options. In fact, all other hosting options build on the capabilities of dedicated servers. Infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, virtual private server hosting, software-as-a-service applications, and traditional shared hosting rely on the power and flexibility of bare metal.

But managing dedicated servers demands an investment of time and personnel. Without experienced and expert system administrators, some businesses struggle with security and data privacy. Managed dedicated servers empower businesses to take advantage of the power and flexibility of bare metal while focusing resources on building great products and growing their business.

As I have already said, bare metal serves as the bedrock of every hosting platform, website, and application, but why do end users choose dedicated servers? In short, who uses managed dedicated servers?

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers fulfill a vital role in modern business, allowing businesses to outsource complex tasks that lie outside of their core competence. We provide managed services including colocation and dedicated server hosting to our customers, and other MSPs use our platform to provide reliable services to their customers, including marketing, information services, media services, hosting, and much more.

Managed service providers choose dedicated servers because they combine flexibility, the best performance for the least cost, and long-term reliability.

Hosting Providers

All hosting uses dedicated servers. Of course, some web and application hosting providers choose to buy dedicated servers and colocate them, but others focus on adding value like support and higher-level management services. It makes sense to outsource dedicated server management, freeing resources and time to build the products and services that contribute to the success of the business.

High-Traffic Websites

The most powerful dedicated servers far outstrip the resources available to cloud servers and other server hosting platforms. Applications that require rapid horizontal scaling benefit from cloud elasticity, but for sites with consistently high resource demand, dedicated servers cost less and scale further.

Application And Mobile Developers

Mobile and web application developers use dedicated servers to host application back-ends and related services. Businesses that depend on their servers can’t afford to compromise on reliability and availability. Cloud platforms increase complexity and unpredictability, while obscuring any understanding of the system as a whole — how can you diagnose the cause of performance or reliability issues when you have no idea about the underlying hardware and processes?

Dedicated servers shine for tasks that demand the best possible I/O performance, including database servers, file servers, and web services. Applications running on dedicated servers benefit from low latency I/O, and, unlike in the cloud, dedicated server users do not have to contend with the resource demands of neighbors on the same machine — every ounce of power is available to the server’s user.

To take advantage of the cost, power, and reliability of our managed dedicated servers, get in touch with our server experts today.