Three Signs Your Business Should Use A Dedicated Server

Three Signs Your Business Could Use A Dedicated ServerSo, you’re looking to get your business off the ground where infrastructure is concerned. Maybe you want to setup a website, create a development environment, or host a platform/service. And maybe you’re considering doing so on a dedicated server.

Of course, there are a few things to give you pause. Dedicated servers admittedly tend to be more expensive than the alternative. But you get what you pay for.

There isn’t really any other hosting option that offers you that level of power and control. And while the cloud certainly does offer you a certain level of scale, you shouldn’t think of it as an alternative to dedicated hosting. Rather, it’s a service that you can layer on top of what you’ve already got.

But we’re getting off-topic. A dedicated server is a big investment. Here are a few signs it’ll be a worthwhile one for your business.

Your Website is Growing. Fast.

Are you seeing a massive influx of new users on a community you run? Is your traffic increasing exponentially day after day? Are you regularly exceeding your bandwidth or storage limits with your current host? Have you noticed things just seem to be running…slower?

Maybe you answered in the negative to all those questions – but at the same time, you know you’re going to experience a period of huge growth, perhaps through a global product launch or an acquisition. Either way, dedicated servers are an excellent option for the meatiest websites, and a good choice if you want to give yours room to grow and breathe.

Your Use Case Is Incredibly Resource-Heavy

There are certain applications which simply don’t work so well on shared hosting – and certain use cases that even the cloud strains to support. Say, for example, you want to set up a dedicated video streaming service, run a server for a game you’re developing, or manage a large customer database. Trying to find the resources for such pursuits on shared hosting is implausible at best.

You Need Infrastructure For More Than One Thing

Not every business solely needs a host for a website. Some organizations need to run a website and support a technical backend with elements like a development server, helpdesk software, and so on. A dedicated server can serve as a foundation for all of these components – especially if you augment it with something like a cloud hosting plan.

A dedicated server isn’t for everyone. We realize that. But if, after reading through this post, you felt for even a moment that any of it sounds like it applies to your business, then it’s definitely for you.